30.07. - 12+5

My vacation was very nice. We had a lot of fun, sleep, sun and food. But even though I still really ... weiterlesen

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05.08. -> 13+4

So yeah. Came back from vacation yesterday. And I am tired. All the time. Really really tired. I wil... weiterlesen

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14.8.2012. 14+5 (?)

Was at the doc today. Everything alright. He wrote me something for earlier parnety leave and I have... weiterlesen

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21.8. -> 15+6

So I had that maternity leave appointment today. It went very well, I stay at home now, for full pay... weiterlesen

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28.8. -> 16+6

Yeah not much new. Been home for a week now. It's really nice to be able to lie down when my belly h... weiterlesen

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