Oh my, time flies

Ben is now over 2 months old, and I barely come to the computer. He always needs skin to skin contact, so I have to carry him around all the time and are not allowed to take a few minutes for myself (srsly, who knew showering is something you need to plan for?). So I just make pictures a lot and write almost never anymore. Regular photos are uploaded to Bens Skydrive folder:



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09.02 -> 40+2

Still no child in my arms. Tried walking stairs up and down, tried walking around, tried sex - nothing helped.

Heartbeat of the child was ok two days ago, when I was for a checkup in the hospital. Next controldate is in two days (4 days after due date).

My weight: 81.6 kg


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01.02. -> 39+1

80.3 kg


No contractions, just getting really really uncomfortable. Also pretty constant back pain and kinda pain in the belly, but more because of the weight it presses down, than because of birthsignals. 

We are ready though, he could come right now, if anyone would ask me. But they don't. So I wait.

Husband is on vacation for a few weeks now, so he can be there for me, now that I can barely move, and later on when I will be superbusy with nursing ect.

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26.01. -> 38+2

After a long walk the day after I went to the hospital, the contractions got really intense, but then completely vanished.

My weight: 79.7 kg

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23.01. -> 37+6

Contractions got regulary and more and more frequent since midnight.

Around 6 am I sat in the bathtub and they didnt go away.

Around 9 am I called the emergency line to please bring me into the hospital, the contractions were only 5 minutes apart, i had to breath them away and that for an hour now. 

In the hospital the contractions were magically gone - nothing there anymore. The cervix was still 1 cm long and about 1-5 cm open. So still very much at the beginning.

Since the contractions were gone the midwife told me to go home and try to relax a bit. It could start in 2 hours, it could start in 2 weeks, she said.


So next time I will only call the guys to take me to the hospital if the pain is more or less unbearable, or if my water breaks.

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22.01. -> 37+5

Had sex yesterday evening. Got contractions since then - but neither long, nor painful, nor regulary.

Got a bit diarrhea though, which usually also is a sign of an upcoming birth. Sooo I am waiting, getting ready (shaving legs and keeping myself clean for strangers to look at me naked), and try to not panic - because somehow I think it might be a false alarm.

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15.01. -> 36+5

Me: 78.2 kg / 171.96 pound

Head diameter: 9.75 inch / Kopfdurchmesser: 95,2 mm
Belly radius: 12.64 inch / Bauchumfang: 321,3 mm
Femurbone: 2.76 inch / Oberschenkelknochen: 70,9 mm
Approx. Weight: 6.61 pound / Gewichtsschätzung 3288 g


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